Dangle’s Cards: Are the Red Wings ever gonna suck?

Detroit is one of the NHL’s last true dynasties. Will it ever stop?
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  • Uzair

    Can’t ever picture their squad ever becoming Leafs-like, but I’m afraid that the Red Wings are going to slip into mediocrity. Lidstrom was such a big part of Detroit’s identity and I don’t know how much his departure will impact the team. Guess it’s time for Datsyuk to put the team on his back do.

  • Mike992

    Some of the Wings recent/current stars were drafted in the following positions: Lidstrom 53rd, Franzen 97th, Howard 64th, Filppula 95th, and can you really believe Datsyuk 171st and Zetterberg 210th!!!!! They have also taken guys known for on ice and/or off ice problems (Bertuzzi, Cleary, and now Tootoo) and have brought out some of their best years of hockey.

    This organization demands the best not only out of their players but out of the GM, Scouts, coaches, etc. As long as that level of expectation remains within the organization, the consistent results will continue on the ice and if they do happen to miss the playoffs, I can’t imagine it will last very long.

  • oats

    The Detroit Red Wings are probably one of the most successful francises in the NHL, but their time is finally running out with Lindstrom retiring, its only a matter of time now. Both Datsyuk and zetterberg are in their 30s and are only getting older. With lack of depth and prospects I see the red wings enter the rebuilding stage in about 2-3 years.

  • oats

    I think that the Red Wings would be on the fence this season if there is one, and unless they get some major assets going into 2013-14, they won’t make it that year. By the way Steve, have you announced the winners of either of the last two videos?

  • JustHereForDangle'sCards

    I may be a little biased, and I don’t think it’ll last forever, but I think another 4 or 5 years could be a possibility.

    It’s going to mainly depend on the players like Filppula, Helm, Abdelkader, Smith, Kindl and all the current Wings prospects. If they can make the step up like the players that have come before them, I don’t see why the success can’t continue.

    Jimmy Howard is another important piece, can he be a reliable presence in net, or will they be forced to look elsewhere.

    If they do decide they need to bring in players from elsewhere in the league, I believe the Red Wings have that winning reputation that could get them almost any player they set their sights on.

    There are a lot of things that could go wrong, but they haven’t for a long time, so I think there’ll be a few more years of postseason hockey in Detroit.

    (The Jimmy Howard card would be nice if you pick me as a winner, thanks)

  • Tougie24

    They’ve drafted decently over the past few years, so prospects like Tomas Tatar, Martin Frk and Petr Mrazek could do well for them. Obviously it depends on the attitude of the team, when certain key players retire, if Babcock leaves, etc.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to the Wings being a very good playoff team that I just don’t remember what it’s like to see them have a bad season, but I don’t see them being a bad team for another 7-10 years if not more.

    They just have a great plan when it comes to philosophy, drafting strategy and of course having the legacy that they do it’s quite easy for them to sign top notch free agents and will more than likely become easier once some of their top guys do retire, and it clears 3-5 Million worth of space.

    Plus, as Bill Clement always likes to say in the NHL games “Every player would love to play in Detroit”. Paraphrasing of course, lately Bill’s been too busy giving me positive feedback while Gary Thorne calls me the worst person to ever walk the face of the Earth.

  • Tougie24

    I imagine that, the world ends this year in December, then an afterworLd, or new world is created, … Sidney Crosby has a full beard, Dan Cloutier wins the Vezina, the Leafs are back-to-back cup champions and the Red Wings suck

  • Tougie24

    I think the Red Wings will falter in the next 2-3 Seasons, Lidstrom is, as you said irreplaceable on the D-line. And the rest of the team isn’t getting any younger. As one of the oldest (possibly the) teams in the league you have to suspect that it is going to happen, but with the Red Wings nothing is a sure thing. (Leafs fans all know that feeling) A sure thing to get into the playoffs then a 17 game winless streak… sucked. Regardless of my personal angst, 2014-15 season would be my guess.

  • Tougie24

    I think it depends. The red wings organization will be in a bit of trouble after zetterberg and datsyuk retire but what will effect them the most is if their draft picks pan out. I agree that potentially five years is a good guess but if Kne holland and Mike Ilitch continue to wave the magival wand over their ability to draft so well than the dynasty could go on on for a very long time especially if Brendan Smith, Thomas Tartar and others pan out as well as they been perceived