NHL cancels part of October schedule, other Leaflets

This isn’t the first time that the NHL has cancelled the schedule, but it’s the first time that they’ve cancelled regular season games in 2012. Last season, the NBA cancelled games, not the schedule, but the actual, legitimate games, 34 days in advance. The NHL is about a fortnight behind. 

According to the NBA last season, it would take about 30 days to get everything ready between agreement and the start of the season. The NHL, presumably, will need 20 days to get everything in order, which includes creating a new schedule. Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy notes that the NHL has only cancelled the schedule, so the chance of an 82-game season is theoretically possible, but the dates on the calendar that you may have circled beforehand can go in the trash now. Even if there is a season, the schedule will have to be re-done.

Why does this matter? I don’t know. We’ve already resigned to the fact that we’re going to miss the first three months of the season. If there isn’t a deal after December 1st, I’ll legitimately be worried. There is simply no more leverage on either side than their was last week. Concessions equal blinking at this stage, and the winner of the staring context gets an extra slice of the $1-billion pie that separate the two sides. 

In the meantime, the CBC is offering fans the chance to vote on classic games to be shown Saturday nights. It would be nice if the national broadcaster followed the private networks’ lead and started showing more junior hockey and American Hockey League games, but the NHL brand is simply too strong for the average fan to pass up. The Nikolai Borschevsky game is on the list.

Just don’t vote for that 1994 New York-New Jersey game.


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