Don Cherry’s Nazem Kadri Twitter Rant

It’s fair to say that Don Cherry and Brian Burke don’t really get along. In fact, it was only last March that Cherry accused Burke of trying to get him fired, a charge CBC officials eventually denied.

Perhaps the largest particular bee in Cherry’s bonnet, especially now that he doesn’t have Ron Wilson to kick around anymore, concerns the Maple Leafs’ treatment of once prized prospect Nazem Kadri. Today Cherry took to Twitter and lambasted the original six club over "fitness-gate" and the clubs continued mistreatment of Kadri. 

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Here’s the rant in full (the embedded tweet that leads off this post was actually the poetic conclusion of Cherry’s rant):

I laughed pretty hard at, "saying he’s fatso." I like that Don Cherry tweets exactly the same way that he talks.

Anyway, the Leafs and Dallas Eakins’ ham-fisted treatment of this delicate issue was somewhat overblown in the media, in my view. While some in the Toronto Media saw it as a political shot across Gary Roberts’ bow, I tend to believe Eakins’ explanation that he was just giving an honest appraisal of Kadri’s performance mid-way through his fitness testing.

Still, Eakins’ use of the word "unacceptable" was ill-advised and gave the club another in a string of PR black-eyes – to go along with the public spat between the organization and Francois Allaire, and Cody Franson signing a "full season contract" (wink, wink) with Brynas IF of the SEL.

We’re left to wonder while looking over the Maple Leafs news from the past couple of weeks, if maybe Cherry wasn’t even talking about Kadri when he suggested that the Maple Leafs have a perfect, "blue print on how to destroy someone." Perhaps he was talking about Brian Burke’s reputation.

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  • Rio

    Funny.. I’ve never heard Cherry so eager to defend a player… he’s usually the guy calling them “bums” and “pukes”.

    I mean.. I don’t think Eakins is lying about the test results… and what is he supposed to do when asked the question? Lie?

    Gotta love him – but this whole bromance Grapes has with Kadri seems a little odd to me.

    • Rio

      I don’t know.. GM’s and coaches speak publicly all the time about young players needing to improve defensively and/or work on nutrition. Why is it considered sacrilege when it comes to Kadri? Because he happens to play in Toronto?

      Afterall.. it was the Sun that called Kadri “fatso” and “chubby” – not the Leafs.

      You can criticize them for their ineptitude with some roster moves.. and for their inability to make the playoffs for the better part of a decade… but this?

      To me.. if you’re a professional athlete and you come into camp out of shape (the one thing you have 100% control over)… that IS “unacceptable”.

      …and most especially if you’ve been doing interviews with these same Toronto rags proclaiming how “lean” you are.

  • Rio

    I wanted to add that I like Kadri. I think he’ll eventually become a servicable NHLer – hopefully in the top 6.

    But he’s no Sidney Crosby.. and he’s certainly not above being critisized by his coach and ultimately his boss.