Dangle’s Cards: Junior Hockey Memories

Yesterday was supposed to be the Leafs’ preseason game in London, Ontario taking on the Philadelphia Flyers. Alas, there is a lockout…

Junior hockey isn’t locked out, though. For today’s hockey card giveaways, let’s take a stroll down junior hockey memory lane.


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  • Miles C

    My favorite Junior hockey memory would have to be the 2010 IIHF Gold Medal Game. Tied 5-5 USA V Canada going into OT. John Carlson snipes it on a 2 on 1. Gold Medal to USA 🙂

  • MWBower

    Well, it was before their Junior Career, but still very nice. My best friend, William Carrier and another one of my friends are ripping it up in the QMJHL, William Carrier of Cape Breton and Jonathan Drouin of Halifax, both playing for Lac-St-Louis, shout out to the Lions. Great to see my buds battle it out for a first-round draft spot in 2013! LSL LIONS, REPRESENT!

  • My favourite Junior hockey memory involves the Owen Sound Attack. I follow them throughout the OHL season. A couple of seasons ago, they made it to the finals. They were awesome, we watched them beat Windsor (Which were super strong back then), we watched them beat London, we watched them tear it up.

    They went on to the Memorial Cup and although they didn’t win, they put in a hell of an effort. It was GREAT seeing them succeed in such a small city with only 20000 people.

    This year they are off to a good start, so lets hope it repeats and we watch some more intense playoff games!