2012-2013 Maple Leafs Schedule Announced

Regularly Scheduled News Everyone! Today the NHL released the schedule for the 2012-2013 season. While the looming CBA negotiations may bring about a lockout for now we can stare at it with wonder. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the schedules, back to backs, strength of schedule, the potential impact of travel early next week. For now, here are some dates that stand out as “must sees”.  

Saturday December 15, 2012- Leafs vs. Vancouver

While it’s obviously too early to know, this could mark Loungo’s return to the city that shunned him as a member of the Leafs. It’s the first game of a three game Western Conference swing, so they won’t hobble into town like they did last year. Add in the fact that this game would likely appear on 24/7 and oh baby. If Loungo ends up a Leaf circle this date on your calendar.

Tuesday January 1, 2013 Leafs vs. Red Wings

The Winter Classic, d’uh. While I don’t have enough kidney’s to spare to actually attend the game I cannot wait for it already. Yeah the Leafs will probably lose, but am I ever going to buy the cuss out of the Winter Classic sweater. The Winter Classic has yet to lose its lustre and the Leafs and Wings always play great games. Plus we may get a chance to see Sundin play in the Alumni Game. 

Monday January 21, 2013 Leafs vs. Bruins (1:00PM)

I love me some afternoon hockey. Lately the only afternoon games the Leafs seem to play are Sundays with a 5:00 start time in which they get crushed. So I’m looking forward to an afternoon tilt with the Bruins. It also happens to fall on the day after Inauguration Day, if Obama is re-elected there will be the opportunity for some excellent trolling. Hopefully Lupul comes through. 

Saturday April 13, 2013 Leafs vs. Canadiens 

The Leafs close out the season on home ice. I love the tradition of the Leafs and Habs playing the first and last game against each other. The Leafs played the first game post lock-out against the Sens, that was dumb. I hope they never change it. This game is a must watch. It’ll either end with the Leafs celebrating a playoff berth, or it will be Brian Burke’s last game as GM. One way or the other people will be rioting afterwards. 
Which game are you looking forward to the most?