Are The Leafs Shopping Luke Schenn?

I won’t miss this. -Reuters

Elliote Friedman had a few interesting Leaf’s related thoughts in this week’s installment of 30 Thoughts. (If you’re not reading this regularly then I don’t even know what to say) The biggest one is that he believes the Leafs are shopping Luke Schenn.  

There are rumblings that Toronto will offer Luke Schenn to Edmonton for a swap of first-rounders. No doubt Brian Burke would like to make a huge draft splash. He loves the big stage. And I do believe the Oilers like Schenn and have discussed his availability before. But I just can’t see it happening for the first-overall selection. That’s not enough. It’ll be interesting, though, to see how many teams think Schenn will be better off outside Toronto. Sounds like the Maple Leafs are aware of that and, as a result, ask for a lot in return.

A few things to consider here:

 #1 Luke Schenn by himself will not be enough to move up to #1, the Leafs would likely have to sweeten the pot, I’d imagine one of Scrivens or Reimer would be on their list.
#2 Even if he cannot be used to move up in the draft it seems likely that Schenn finds himself a new home this summer. The Leafs have plenty of holes to fill and not a lot of assets they’d be willing to part with to do so. If the Leafs are going to bring a Rick Nash or other Top 6 Forward in, Schenn will be a part of that deal.
#3 Are the Leafs really willing to part with Schenn so soon? Despite the fact that he will be entering his 4th NHL season it’s important to remember that Schenn turns 23 this November. He’s still young enough that I have serious concerns about selling low. 
I don’t have the connections to speculate trades, so I won’t. What I will do is give my best guest: Luke Schenn will play somewhere else next season. 
Friedman also confirmed that Ducks defensive prospect Justin Schultz will indeed explore his options as a UFA. 

At an Anaheim Ducks fan event last weekend, GM Bob Murray revealed two important bits of information. First, Justin Schultz informed the team he will test free agency, as expected. Second, Murray will meet with Teemu Selanne this week, but added the future Hall of Famer’s plans may not be finalized. 

Is simply wondering aloud whether these two thoughts are related considered tampering? It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.  

How would you feel about giving Luke Schenn’s spot to Justin Schultz? 
  • Danny Gray

    I think its WAY to early to give up on Schenn and a terrible idea especially now that we have a defensive minded coach who was a formewr bruising defenceman himself. I’m not getting my hopes up for Shultz yet, but I think the odds are pretty good, maybe 20% (consider that 30 teams WILL be chasing him like hell). Its time to consider Franson’s rights for Edm’s pick, that’s the basis, add in the pieces to make it work (expect the Leafs to get Bulin back… There’s our vet G)

      • RPG

        Schenn likely has been the starting point, to which Tambellini has said Gardiner. I’d agree that meeting in middle they might agree on Franson. I’d say both Leaf fans and Oiler fans could live with that deal.

  • RPG

    I really like Schenn, but if you could get a surefire front line guy that would take some pressure off the go to guy(Kessel) I would be willing to trade away some of the depth on defense and especially if there may be an other D man coming this way in free agency. It would depend on if Brian Burke likes a real flash better than a seasoned veteran forward who could help in leadership and on the ice(Nash) because both would dig into the talent pool the Leafs have.

  • RPG

    I liked schenn’s play at first, but he had a bad year. He turned the puck over, and was not strong enough in front of his own net. Not sure what to expect from him anymore.