Are two trades better than none?

With Vokoun off the market and Roberto Luongo supposedly set to meet with the Canucks sometime this week, you can count on the goalie talk surrounding the Leafs to pick up substantially, especially with the NHL and AHL playoffs wrapping up.

I guess this is a fairly easy observation to make, but it’s quite likely that we’ll be seeing two substantial moves from the Leafs to address the goaltending, or none at all.

There’s a section of Leafs supporters who think the team can go ahead with Scrivens and Reimer, and another that believes they absolutely need to look outside of the organization for help. My stance on it probably changes from day to day, but I think going the way of adding someone else is where I’m at mostly. Perhaps this is because that feeling is shared by the Leafs’ management.

Nonis has made it clear that he doesn’t believe the Leafs will ice a goalie tandem of Scrivens and Reimer next season, and will go the route of exploring the league, more specifically the trade market. This is good news considering unrestricted free agents haven’t typically been management’s area of strength since being in Toronto. Burke’s track record in trading is better.

If the Leafs move out assets for a goaltender like Luongo, the goalie pipeline turns into 1. Luongo 2. Reimer 2A. Scrivens. If they add a "settle down" goalie like Biron, who, personally I’m not cool with, then it turns into something like 0. Reimer 0. Biron 0. Scrivens. Either way, as it stands right now Scrivens is probably the odd man out. If you don’t agree, fine, these things aren’t written in stone. Then Reimer is out.

With Scrivens turning 26, entering RFA status, and ultimately ripping the AHL apart for the better part of the last two years, it’s doubtful he’s going back to the minors. He’ll want to know what the Leafs’ plans are for him heading into 2012-13.

Will the Leafs bury Reimer? I wouldn’t count on it.

If the plan is to stick with Reimer and Scrivens, then there’s nothing to talk about. But with Nonis saying the team is looking to upgrade, they’re cornered into making two pretty big roster moves. Unless the Canucks are interested in taking a netminder back, of course. I don’t know how likely that is.

It’s the fear of going into Burke’s last season with unproven NHL goaltenders that has this situation upon us. Going ahead with Scrivens and Reimer could work out, but if the Leafs refuse to try it out, who’s heading out of town?

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  • Danny Gray

    At this point the difference between Reimer and Scrivens (especially if the Leafs acquire Luongo) is a coin-flip. I’d trade Reimer because I’d imagine his value is higher than Scrivens’.

  • That’s what I’m thinking too. His value has to be higher, and teams are thinking “he just had a bad year after that concussion”… which is probably why the Leafs shouldn’t deal him.

    I’m so torn.