Leafs Nation Podcast: I Hear Leafs News!


Usually, as the NHL playoffs wind down, Leafs-related news tends to dry up. Fortunately for us, the Toronto Marlies have stepped up to fill the void, and are now in the finals for the Calder Cup, giving us several storylines to follow.

Follow me over the jump for Marlies chatter and more.

This week, we’ve kept things rather brief, but we kick off discussion with the Marlies, then the Los Angeles-New Jersey final, and finally, where Leo Komarov could fit into the lineup. Enjoy.

Leafs Nation Podcast 15

  • SkinnyFish

    Re: The 4th line

    As I’ve said before, the 4th line shouldn’t be defensively oriented; they should be offensively oriented. Quick, hard forechecking guys who can drive play up ice against the other 4th line (the only time they should be on the ice), get a shot on net, and an offensive faceoff. That’s it.

    Their sole purpose is to give the top lines a rest…….a rest that would go to waste if there’s a defensive zone faceoff and we have to go against the opposition’s top line.

    Our defensive lines should be our 2nd and 3rd.