Leafs lose Tuesday night game to Panthers

What’s a goalie?

Last night the Leafs lost a game that they needed to win to keep any hope of making the playoffs alive. If you thought they were going to win that was pretty silly of you. Look, we all saw this coming. Or should have.

Here is what I wrote at the beginning of the season when I called this game a "must-see":

Tuesday March 13 VS Florida Panthers

I’m going to go ahead and call that this is going to be the most important game of the entire Leaf’s season. Tuesday night games against Southeast opponents have become a curse for this team. While this is probably due to confirmation bias more than anything else, I still think the effect exists. The Leafs will be fighting for a playoff spot this late in the season. With only 12 games after this one, most of them against potential playoff teams, the Leafs will need to win this game. I know this in my soul. I’m not going to predict anything in the way of an outcome for fear of influencing it, but I know that this will be a must win game because it couldn’t be any other way.


As it so happens before the game I told Kent that it went from being a "must win that the Leafs will lose" to a "must lose that they will probably win". Thankfully they proved me wrong. A win last night would have kept some shred of hope alive. Thankfully that did not happen. What’s best for the team is to bottom out even more, if that’s possible, and nab themselves a lottery pick. Worked pretty well for the Devils.

Let Dave Nonis convince Burke he actually needs a proven NHL goalie and this team is much further ahead of where they would have been if they won this game.