The Force Is Strong With This One

As many of our regular readers are by now probably already aware, I am a teacher by trade. At the moment, I teach a smattering of different grades and subjects, including a grade five English class where hockey discussions often get heated. It’s not uncommon for these discussions to find their way into the journal entries that I have the class complete on a weekly basis. Almost any subject can, with a little creativity, be turned into a rant about hockey. Just this once, the students were specifically asked to write about their favorite or least favorite sports team.

Read on to view a piece of writing that should give beleaguered Leafs fans hope for future generations of fans carrying the torch. 


The last line, unfortunately cropped by the scanner, reads "With his banana curve."

I was having a bit of rough morning when I read this, and I couldn’t help but smile. Hope it does the same for you.

A big thank you goes out to the author (who wished to remain unnamed), and his parents for their consent to my posting this.