Leafs Nation Podcast Episode 4


This is the second consecutive Leafs Nation podcast to be completed with the Leafs on a Western Canadian road trip, and so, once again, Danny Gray and I had the pleasure of being joined by another Western writer in Cam Charron, of Nucks Misconduct, Backhand Shelf, the Nation Network, and… did I forget another site? In any case, with Cam around, this podcast has plenty of insight on the Canucks as well as the Leafs.

This time around, I’ve left out the tunes that normally divide topics of discussion, but we’ve touched on a number of issues, both Leafs and Canucks-related, but also some other items from around the league.

LN Podcast Number 4

1. What to expect going into the Leafs-Canucks game (woof – we were a little off, there).

2. Brian Burke sticks with goalies for far too long. Cloutier, Toskala, Gustavsson.

4. More on the trade deadline – Mike Gillis is an awful lot like Brian Burke, isn’t he?

5. If the playoffs started today: current playoff matchups between the Leafs – Rangers, and Canucks – Coyotes

6. Which of Seattle or QC will succeed in bringing in an NHL team (i.e. The Phoenix Coyotes)