The Leafs Nation Podcast Part Deux


Hey all, Danny Gray (or Granny Day) and I are back again this week, this time with fellow Leafs Nation (and fellow Pension Plan Puppeteer) Julian Sanchez, a.k.a. PPP. This time around, we attempted to record while watching the Leafs’ game at the same time, a feat which will never again be attempted. As the Leafs trounced the Ottawa Senators 5-0 in this one, it meant I had a lot of extra editing to do, removing all the "WOOO!"

In any event, we’ve got a fun lineup of topics ready for your consideration, consumption, and cross-examination.

LN Podcast Part Deux

1. Scoreboard watching
Interlude: One Great City! by The Weakerthans

2. Trade deadline/PLAYOFFS/Mikhail Grabovski
Interlude: Remote Control by The Age of Electric

3. The Monster vs. Reimer
Interlude: Sweet Sixteen by Think About Life

4. Second-half stories
Interlude: Right On by The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom)

5. That awesome beer commercial – you know the one
Outro: Es-So by tUnE yArDs