Fresh Blood

The Leafs Nation has built a solid coterie of contributors in it’s relatively short life. We’ve got Danny Gray, JP Nikota, and myself are bolstered by Nations vagabonds Cam Charron and Jonathan Willis. This week we’ve added another contributor but we’re still looking for more. Who is this mystery man? And how can you be next? Well, join me after the jump.

The latest addition is Jeff Veillette of MarliesHQ and LeafsHQ fame. Jeff follows the Marlies day-to-day and is credentialled by the baby Leafs and the AHL. He’ll be keeping us apprised of the progress of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ prospects with a weekly post recapping their efforts and updating previewing the week to come. He’s one of the must follows on Twitter for Marlies news and you can find him and his battles with the TTC at @Jeffler.


In addition to Jeff, we’re looking to add one or two (or more) writers to the stable. One area we’ll be specifically looking to fill will be for post-game analysis so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in doing. In terms of what we’re looking for:


– Should have some writing (preferably hockey [duh] writing) background.

– Should be familiar with the site and conversant in the type of discussion and analysis (ie fancystats) done here. You don’t necessarily have to use it but we don’t want someone coming with "FANCYSTATS R DUMB"

– The availability to write at least semi-regularly is required. Four-to-eight articles per month is the minimum.

– Experience with twitter and the ability to interact with people and promote your work is a plus but a willingness to learn works too.

The position will initially be on a trial basis through the end of the season but has the potential to blossom into a paying gig depending on level of commitment, performance, as well as the overall success of the site. Initially all we can offer is a place to get some writing done. Your mileage may vary.

Kent Wilson and I will be taking a look at whoever is interested so please pass along any links to good stuff you’ve written. There may a sort of "blog-off", where each finalist will submit a fresh article or two that will posted here to be judged by everyone else which will be followed by a 3-round fight where the victor is the first to draw fresh blood. Hence the name of the post. But don’t worry, that’s just a tie-breaking procedure.

Forward all comments/questions/inquiries etc. to myself at