The Truth Behind Project Mayhem

This week the NHL will announce the rest of the players that will be participating in the All-Star Game in Ottawa. They will be joining half of the Ottawa Senators and Dion Phaneuf. The team and its fanbase pulled out a Herculean effort to overcome the sheer overwhelming numbers of Leafs fans. Getting four of their players (of variety levels of deservedness) into the game has likely guaranteed that the game will be a sellout and a success. Who is to thank for this? Is it the team that did all that they could do to promote the vote? Was it the pom-pom waving media like Bruce Garrioch and Tim Baines? Or was it the radio station that figured out how to vote without having to provide an e-mail address?

Trick question: It was Project Mayhem.

Now, to the untrained eye, Project Mayhem likely seemed like a Leafs blogs’ attempt to create a little anarchy in Ottawa. The coordination behind the effort was SEAL-like: First, the tweeted joke hit The Score, then Puck Daddy, and the Fan590. There was also a mention on a little known Leafs blog. But to those in the know, it seemed like all that it did was inflame the media and drive them and their followers to vote for more and more Senators. Wasn’t that against the plan? Well, it was all the kind of carefully orchestrated astroturf movement that would bring a tear to the eye of any Tea Partier. At least, if they had a soul. Need proof? It comes directly from the desk of Colin Campbell.


Of course, that weasel’s cheque bounced. Not that we’re bitter or anything. After all, we’re all about the good of the NHL in Toronto.