The Leafs are Sell-Outs


The Leafs are a bunch of Sell-Outs.

No, I don’t mean they sell-out every game, which they do, win or lose, much to the chagrin of Chris Jones.

I mean, they’ve changed.

Just take a look at that screen grab from TSN, of all places. They used to be about the hockey. About taking chances, giving the fans something unique a different from those mainstream hockey team like the Detroit Red Wings or Vancouver Canucks. Now all they do is play safe and win games.

The Leafs have been the best team in hockey for years and now that they’ve won a few games and are the new media darlings it makes me sick. The media used to just ignore, or point derisively at them. The masses just didn’t understand what the Leafs were all about.  

It appears as though times have changed. With the Leafs in a playoff position on American Thanksgiving various media outlets are falling all over one another to fawn over them.  

A few examples:

Robert Macleod has caught a wicked case of Kesselmania and declared that: “it’s time to admit the Kessel trade is good for the Leafs”.

Kevin McGran has not quite drawn up the parade route but suggests that “The Leafs can start printing playoff tickets.”

Scott Cullen is ready to hand over the Hart trophy to Phil Kessel.

It’s a regular Leafs love-in among the MSM and it enrages me.

I hate the idea of something so awesome being corrupted by the masses.

Don’t you remember TSN? Phil Kessel is one dimensional and streaky.

Ron Wilson doesn’t try to win games in November, right?

This is just the first step in the Leafs becoming mainstream, pretty soon they’re going to start playing games past the first week of April. 82 used to be enough, they’ve gotten greedy.

Leafs, you’ve changed, man.