Maple Leafs vs. Habs Shift Chart



We had some fun over at the Montreal Canadien’s SBN site yesterday. Checking back today I found an interesting site linked in their game re-cap. It’s an interactive shift chart of last night’s game. Compiled by the chart can tell us a few interesting things about last night’s game.


  • David Steckel made an immediate impact in the faceoff dot. Ron Wilson used Steckel at least five times for a faceoff and then immediately made a line change. He also played 3 shifts on two of the Leafs PK. Ron Wilson has found a role for Steckel. It’ll be interesting to see if he continues to use him this way throughout the season.
  • The Gunnarsson-Phaneuf pairing is the only one Wilson can rely on in all situations. Both Schenn-Liles and Komisarek-Gardiner were split up for the PK or PP.
  • Mike Brown did not see the ice after the 8 minute mark of the third period. Dupuis sat after the 13 minute mark.  Rosehill’s night was over just four minutes into the third. While some feel the absence of Orr helps lengthen the bench it appears that he doesn’t trust Rosehill anymore than he does Orr.
  • The Bozak-Kessel-Lupul line had the longest shifts out of any the forwards. This doesn’t surprise anyone but it is something that Wilson should address. 

Obviously this is only one game but it will be interesting to see if these trends continue. It seems as though Wilson finally has the roster he asked for, how will he use it?

Take a look at the chart for yourself, anything stand out to you? 

Stick tap to Habs Eyes on the Prize for bringing the chart to my attention and for taking all our good natured ribbing in stride. 


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