Leafs 4 – Flyers 2: Jody Shelley Is A Scumbag

Image courtesy of @BroadStHockey

As if hockey fans needed any reminder that garbage players like Jody Shelley do not belong in the NHL. Thankfully, for those that still refuse to acknowledge reality, a hearty reality check was in place. Twitter blew up as there were a number of dirty hits in the NHL tonight and unfortunately, Darryl Boyce was a victim. The strange thing is that the Leafs iced noted pugilist Colton Orr and his understudy Jay Rosehill and yet despite that deterrent famed scumbag Jody Shelley from laying a blatant hit from behind.

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Jody "Not A Dirty Player" Shelley Hits Darryl Boyce From Behind

Jody "Good In The Dressing Room Shelley Tries To Break Adam McQuaig

Jody "Good In The Dressing Room" Shelley Sucker Punches Andrew Alberts

But by all means, let’s work to keep a player that has 53 points in 596 career NHL games employed so that he can take the roster spot from a player that can actually play the sport with some level of skill. Funny thing about his career. If you look at the last two seasons that his teams have made the playoffs he’s only played three games. Gee, I wonder if maybe his coaches realised that a guy that can only take penalties and get his face flattened isn’t helpful when it counts.

As for the game, let me turn the floor over to you: Who impressed you? Who do you want to see more of this preseason?