One is the Loneliest Number

Or Why I Miss Hockey More Than You Do.

 It will only be August for a few more days. As of today it’s been 140 days since the Maple Leafs finished their season. Over 40 days will pass before they play their next. I have not experienced a moment of sincere fan related joy in the interim. Sure it was nice to watch the Canucks lose the Stanley Cup. It was great to watch the draft and celebrate the deportation of Brett Lebda. As I’m sure many will agree, it’s not the same feeling you get when the Leafs win a game. Few things are as wonderful. I haven’t had that feeling for a long time, and a lot of you out there have, and I’m bitter about it.

All summer my Twitter feed has been full of baseball, soccer, and football related nonsense. While most of us embrace the “one team” concept, I only have one sport. Many of you have been able to watch another team you cheer for win some games this summer or even a championship in the past to tide you over. (complaint does not apply to Cubs fans) I’ve had bupkis.

I’m not blaming you per se. I suppose other sports are exciting, although I haven’t seen very much in the way of convincing evidence. And I’m not questioning your devotion to whatever hockey team you cheer for. I’m simply pointing out that you’ll always have something to fall back on. That you have another dealer for the sweet sweet dopamine that fandom provides. More than anything I’m envious.

Oh I’ve tried to get my fix elsewhere. Baseball is boring, Football takes far too long, and Basketball just plain sucks. Even if I did like another sport it takes a long time to develop the emotional attachment necessary to give me the same feeling I get from a Leafs win. It’s no use; I’m addicted to the Leafs.

So hockey, please come back. I need you. We’ve all been waiting but some of us have been waiting much longer.