TLN Will Steal Your Girlfriends

It’s been a while now that PPP and Chemmy have been writing here at The Leafs Nation, but it’s also been readily apparent that they’ve been lonely without their usual, er, companions. Tired of playing “Palmela Handerson” with each other, they have decided to start recruiting others to do their dirty work, and what better place to look than with the easiest “yes”s they could find? First there was Skinnyfish, and now I have joined on, as the latest “PPP girlfriend” to start writing over here as well. Internet polygamy strikes again!

As many of the frequenters of Pension Plan Puppets are probably already aware, I have a particular MO to my research and writing: I find monotonous tasks that are too irritating for anyone else to bother doing themselves, and hope that others find the results interesting. So far, it’s worked reasonably well, and I intend to continue riding this strategy as hard as PPP and Chemmy are riding me.

In the coming week or two, you as a reader can expect more work on shot location, as I focus on our goaltending and everyone’s favorite goal-slumper and goal-scorer Phil Kessel. For examples of some of my previous work on the subject, check out these two articles at Pension Plan Puppets, and, for the sake of comparison, this one I put together as a favor for a swell Flyers fan at Broad Street Hockey.