The New Leafs by the Numbers



Per the Leafs’ Twitter the newest members of the Maple Leafs have settled on which number they will wear with the team.

NHL players are notoriously superstitious. Choosing a number can be a complex process. You have to avoid any retired or honored numbers and be conscious of which players wore the number before you. The Leafs are a franchise with a long and rich history. Here’s a look at some notable names who have worn each number and any baggage that could come along with them.

Tim Connolly: No. 12.

Tim will be the 41st Leaf to don the Number 12.

Notables include: Ace Bailey, Bruce Boudreau, Brandon Convery, Ted Kennedy, Mark Osborne, Rob Pearson, Steve Thomas, and Lee Stempniak.

Potential Curse: An uncontrollable urge to swear constantly and a permanent BBQ sauce stain on his chin.

Cody Franson: No. 22.

42 players have worn number 22 with the Blue and White.

Notables Include: Ken Baumgartner, Mike Bullard, Ken Klee, Igor Korolev, Michel Petit, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Luke Richardson, Rick Vaive, Glen Wesley, Dave (Tiger) Williams, Boyd Deveraux, and Francois Beauchemin.

Potential Curse: Suffering a career ending injury while riding his stick after a scoring a hat-trick to move the Leafs out of the draft lottery and having to host a moderately successful talk show during retirement.

John-Michael Liles: No. 24.

Liles will follow in the footsteps of 36 Leafs and wear number 24.

Notables Include: Drake Berehowsky, Dan Daoust, Vitezslav Duris, Bryan McCabe, Michel Petit, Joe Sacco, Terry Sawchuk, and Scott Thornton.

Potential Curse:  Setting the single season record for Overtime own goals and promptly getting shipped to Florida.  

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