Leafs vs Canucks – Check out Dion. He’s gonna do something.

Hey there…..are you guys brothers?

Tonight is a showdown between the team that Burke built and the team he’s building. One of these was given a strong base upon which to stand in the Sedin twins; the other was hastily setup on the backs of overpaid defensemen. When push comes to shove, which is going to be the one to topple on the last night of West Coast Waffle Week?

A win for Vancouver tonight gives them 40 points and 2nd place in the Western Conference, whereas a win for Toronto gives them 30 points and a share of 11th in the East. Not exactly David and Goliath matchup, but not too far off. Much like Washington, the Canucks find themselves with loads of regular season success but none to be found in the playoffs. Maybe that has to do with the sharp fall off in talent found between their top 6 and bottom 6 forwards. Sure the Sedins are league killers and Ryan Kesler plays a mean two way game, but their 3rd and 4th lines sport such stalwarts as Raffi Torres, Aaron Volpotti, and Jannik Hansen. Yeah, I’ve never heard of those last two guys either.  While difficult on the road, if Wilson can get our 1st or 2nd lines out against Vancouver’s 3rd or 4th, some opportunistic goals can be had.

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The big news for the Buds tonight is the return of the $4.5M man, Mike Komisarek. After missing the last 4 games with a hand/finger injury, his return is a blessing for the Leafs as it bumps Brett "I suck more than a Hoover" Lebda up to the pressbox.  "Look Burke, Coach Wilson sadi everytime Lebda sits, a Marlie gets his wings." "That’s right. That’s right! Attaboy Komi." The Leafs chances to score goals has just increased by well over 1000%.

The other big news regards Brett Lebda’s press box companion for the night; Nazem Kadri. Yup, you read that right. In all their infinite wisdom, Ron Wilson and Brian Burke have decided that Nazem Kadri sit this one out tonight. This makes no sense to anyone, especially Jeff Marek who had this to say on Twitter:

Leafs scratch Kadri. Why not send him back to Marlies for Fri/Sat games, burn off his 2 game AHL suspension and meet team in ATL TOR Mon?

Add to that, mf37’s comment that even sending Kadri down for two days would still provide some cap savings for the Leafs. In the cutthroat world that is today’s salary capped NHL, a GM needs to take every chance he can to save money and get advantages out of situations. This is the latest in a long series of mind boggling, non-schister moves by Brian Burke that has one questioning the Leafs GM more and more.

Hopefully tonight the Leafs comes out with some genuine effort and we don’t have to question their work ethic. Gustavsson gets his first start in 5 games tonight opposite Roberto Luongo, giving Giggy some much needed R&R. For some reason, the Leafs haven’t played as well in front of the Monster as they do for Giguere which is so confusing because Gustavsson has been the better of the two goalies. Go figure right? Anywho, get ready for some more Vancouver whining tonight and tomorrow, regardless of the outcome, and have your alibi ready for the eventual tampering charges.

As always, GO LEAFS GO!