In light of Thursday night’s post-game, waffle-throwing fiasco, it’s time for an open letter to Maple Leafs’ fans. I get that you are unhappy. I get that you are completely tired of the home squad turning in far-less-than-stellar efforts. I get that Brett Lebda and Mike Komisarek are the subject of your continuing wrath. But don’t waste your time Frisbeeing square pancakes onto the ice at Air Canada Centre. It’s time for you to do something far more productive.

Brace yourselves, because this would be the toughest thing you have ever done. Stay home. Don’t go to the rink. Don’t watch the games on TV. Don’t tweet about the #Leafs. (Continue, however, to visit mapleleafsnation.com more than once daily).

If you really want Richard Peddie to stand up and take notice (assuming he has the ability to balance on two legs), stab him in the pocketbook. Stop buying tickets. Stop buying jerseys. When some corporate buddy offers you a platinum pair, say, “No thanks, the Leafs stink. And I’m not giving them my time or a dime of my money.”

Make Peddie walk into a Board-of-Governors meeting and say, “Uh, profits are down,” instead of the usual, “Well, folks, we’ve fleeced the fans for another quarter.”

And you have lots to be dissatisfied with. If Phil Kessel isn’t the most embarrassed player in the NHL, he should be. Even his ineffectiveness has become predictable. Tell me if this sounds familiar – cut down the right side, slide into the circle to the goaltender’s left, then take way too long to weakly snap a wrist shot into his chest. It’s the perfect way not to score.

You see in the post below this one that Jonas Gustavsson is starting to flail. He’s tired of being hung out to dry by Lebda and Komisarek. I guess a guy can only put up with stupidity for so long. That’s why Nick Lachey dumped Jessica Simpson’s a**. Or maybe that’s why she dumped him.

A tweet from Friday said it all. @thecolinium wrote, “Foolish Leaf ticket buyers! Waffles are for eating! Throw something worthless, like your season tickets!” Bingo! If Peddie had a bunch of discarded tickets for future games show up on his desk, he’d have a conniption fit.

Take charge, Leafs’ fans. Do something beyond whining and moaning and groaning (I know that’s the Canadian way…but break the cycle). If you’re unhappy with the way your Leafs are playing, stop chanting “Fire Wilson.” And don’t waste your time with waffles.

Tell the Leafs in the only language they’ll ever understand. The only language spoken at MLSE. The language of $$.