We’ve Got To Work On Our Communication

Komisarek 1

As with so many goals against the Maple Leafs, things look to be under control! Versteeg and Beauchemin have Martin St. Louis handled, Kadri is headed towards Steve Downie and will surely knock the puck out of the zone and Mike Komisarek is headed back to patrol his usual spot.

But if that were the case, you wouldn’t be coming over the jump with me would you? 

Komisarek 2

Nazem Kadri is going to clear the puck out of the zone. That means we don’t have to worry about the fact that Versteeg is apparently already thinking about heading to the bench. Anyway, Beauchemin is right beside St. Louis and Komisarek is heading over to provide cover.

Komisarek 3

Where the hell is Kadri!?! Well, after trying a cutesy behind the back bank pass past Downie he was tripped and he failed to clear the zone. Meanwhile, Beauchemin saw a comely lass in the corner so he’s gone over there to inquire as to her post-game availability secure in the knowledge that Kadri listens to his coach and has cleared the zone. Versteeg is alone with St. Louis but he’s probably told Komisarek to rotate over so he can cover the Lightning player that has just entered the zone. Just kidding, we have no idea what Versteeg is thinking.

Komisarek 4

Any time you have three guys beat cleanly by one pass you have a defensive problem. The total lack of discussion, not to mention hockey IQ, has left Martin Freaking St. Louis all alone in front of Jonas Gustavsson. This will surely end well… 

Komisarek 5

 Ha! Why would it?