Oh hello there. Were you looking for viral videos of cats wearing pyjamas and got lost? Welcome to instead friend. Sit down and stay a minute won’t you?

You might be wondering what it is you are looking at here. Is it a trick? Is it a joke? Is it a phishing site designed to pry your credit card numbers way from you to later commit identity theft?

No, no and no.

TheLeafsNation is the fourth child in a growing family of Canadian hockey websites called the Nation Network. The eldest in the clan is which launched back in 2007. It was followed a couple of years later by which is coming along quite nicely and poor old which can’t seem to catch the attention of anyone but tries so hard it breaks your heart.

In the finest tradition of settlers to the New World who couldn’t take pioneer living, we are also headed East and are proud to launch


Not really. At the Nation Network we pride ourselves on working with the best bloggers in the business. But we also take it a step further to recruit some of the biggest names in sports media covering each of our Canadian teams. Sports radio hosts, newspaper folks. Real media types with press passes and access and inside information like "breaking news: the backup goalie will be starting in goal tonight."

Shattering inside scoops that we have been breaking regularly in Edmonton and Calgary for almost three years.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing TheLeafsNation team one by one. We hope that you will come to enjoy TheLeafsNation as much as we will all enjoy writing it for you.


Clearly an Oilers fan calling himself "Wanye" isn’t about to preach about the Leafs to a bunch of rabid fans. That would be about as legitimate as that honorary PHD Paris Hilton was given by Brown University back in 2006.

No, just think of us as that zany Cousin you see only at family events and holidays. You know, the guy who tells a story that goes nowhere, eats most of the chips and dip and is later considered the prime suspect in the disappearance of your Aunt’s purse.


With a little luck, something awesome. Enjoy the 2010-11 Season.



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  • thewagesofsin

    Good lord! I guess with Wayne’s imperial ambitions this was one of the ultimate steps. If there’s anything the Leafs/Teachers are all about its shilling yourself out to make a buck. This could be a perfect fit.

    Still, it kinda of feels like Master Yoda must be grabbing at his chest right now fighting back the tears.

  • Just got home, watching the 3rd period of the Leafs/Sens replay… a few nice tilts. Colton Orr’s a beast. At least having to watch Leafs games EVERY Saturday night this winter might be entertaining.

    Then again, I’ve always liked Brian Burke teams. But I’ve also hated the Leafs since the late 90’s. But I did love the Leafs of the mid-90’s – Pat Burns, Doug Gilmour, Mathie Schnieder, Felix Potvin (chemmy?) – them were the days… until that damn Gretzky went and ruined everything! Anyways…

    Congrats all around!